2016 night time skin care routine 


My skin care routine has changed up abit since the last time I done a skin care routine, I’ve still got my skin care products that are my holy grail. 

First is cleansing my skin 

First when I go into the shower I put on coconut oil on my face and massage it in when I’m in the shower to melt some of my makeup off.then when I come out the shower I use ultrabland facial cleanser from lush, it has a thick constancy and gets every bit of dirt and makeup. Every other night I use the ocean salt scrub from lush to get the dry skin and to smooth my skin. 

I use the tea tree water from lush on a cotton pad to get the residue from the cleanser and to soothe my skin. It also has tea tree so it is anti-bacterial. 


 Then I go in with the yes to correcting eye cream, it’s great for dark circles it really works and hydrates the eye area. 
I then use the acnecide 5% benzoyl peroxide gel for my acne(life saver!) once that has it has sunken  into my skin, I use the nip+fab dragon’s blood fix plumping serum. Thus is great for adding that extra boost of hydration and makes the skin incredibly soft. 

I also use the simple rich moisturiser, I like this because it has no ingredients that will make my skin freak out. As it says it’s simple just a plan moisturiser. 

Lastly I use coconut oil all over my face, this is great for acne as it’s  bacterial and soothes the skin. Helps hydrate the skin and keep it soft. I also use around the eye area, make sure the coconut oil is 100% natural raw virgin coconut oil so it would breakout your skin. 

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