3 Ways to achieve your goals


Hi, long-time-no-see! or no post, I’ve been in a creative rut recently. I feel everyone gets them from time-to-time and finds them difficult to shake off. Today I wanted to share my tips to achieve your goals and spark your creative flame… 

Tip one: what is the significance? 

By this I mean, is the task you are doing good for the long run. Will the task help you achieve your end goal. For example, a goal for me would be to write blog posts, to achieve that I need to take pictures, in the long run, that will lead to a blog post going up. But, in long-term, I’ve only done one post, if my goal was to write posts at least once a week a good significant task would be to take enough pictures for a couple of weeks. This would save me time and allow me to write more posts and be more organised. Make sure the smaller tasks are leading up to your end goal.

Set a routine to achieve your goal and do the task every day. Build a foundation to start your goal you don’t have to do everything at once. Start small and do whatever it is well. 

Tip 2: get out of that comfort zone! 

Whenever I want to do something out of my comfort zone, I also seem to say “I’ll do this when…” But I just keep saying this, for example, I will start a blog when I have the best camera. It’s like a fear of not being perfect from the start, to be honest, nothing is truly perfect from the start. We evolve and change over time and this also includes our passions and our style. So, start but defiantly learn the essentials before you do, such as video editing or basic photography. Being nervous is good because you know you’re going out of your comfort zone. So, to get to that ‘when’, you need to start and everyone has to start somewhere and evolve.

Know Why 

Sometimes when we are trying to achieve a goal, especially when the goal is going to take a long time to achieve, we might forget why we’re trying to achieve it. Remind yourself why you want to achieve the goal, it should give you butterflies when you think about it and make you excited and be one of your passions. If it doesn’t make you excited you need to rethink your goal and weigh up it’s worth in long-term. If the goal seems pointless or worthless in long-term, that’s okay as I’ve said goals change, people change and your passions might change with life experience. 

Hopefully, this has helped give you a boost in achieving your goals and why it’s okay to change them if they aren’t working or fuelling your creative spark.  

Kirstin xxx 

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