5 August Goals


Hi, it’s almost two weeks into August, I honestly can’t believe it! But I still wanted to share my goals for August…

Style posts- For the past few years my blog has mainly been based on beauty, but I have a real passion for style and clothes and would absolutely love to share it, I haven’t been that confident to start it but hopefully this month I will.

Improve in confidence- This kind of links to the last point that I have struggled with anxiety and confidence for a long time. I find that as I’ve gotten older my anxiety and confidence has been challenged a lot and because I’ve broken many barriers that I previously would never have dreamed of, it’s made me want to challenge more. I would also love to write more on mental health and open up more about my journey, hopefully, it will affect someone positively

More creative with photography- I love photography but I find myself not having enough time to practice with different styles of photography. So, this month I want to make time to practice and have fun with it. Also with blog photography, I want to try and mix it up a bit and make it more interesting.

Get an ear piercing- I have five ear piercings already but, I haven’t gotten one in over a year and I have been eyeing up a second helix or second lobe piercing… not quite sure yet.

Reboot my Instagram- I would really like to include OOTD pics and more of what I get up to because right now I really only post about makeup and skincare. Hopefully this month I will change up my Instagram and make it more personal.

As you can probably see this month is pretty much about changing things up and starting a fresh, what’re your goals for this month?

Kirstin xxx


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