5 Self-care​ Tips


Hi, today I wanted to share my top five tips to unwind, relax and in general take care of your self…

My first tip is to have off phone time, this is super important to keep yourself productive and to focus on yourself rather than focusing on other people. This can be in the morning when you wake up or even a time at night when you won’t look at your phone, I believe this keeps me more productive and focused on what I need to achieve and stops the added pressure that social media has.

Second is to have a bubble bath, let me tell you a bubble bath works wonders! this will totally help you relax after a long hard day and recharge your batteries. A lush bath bomb (my favourite bath bombs are Twilight and Think Pink) is the perfect way to unwind.

Exercise by going a walk or even to a fitness class with friends, this will get your stress out and clear your mind. When you go back to work or get on with the rest of your day you will have a clearer mind and more motivation.

A friends day out is great to take time out and have some fun, whether that’s shopping or going for lunch.

Staying organised is one of my favourite tips because if you stay on top of work that needs to be done or even housework, things won’t get on top of you and you won’t feel pressured or stress at the thought of doing them. What’s your favourite way to relax and unwind?

Kirstin xxx

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  1. August 20, 2018 / 1:53 am

    Great tips, thank you for sharing! I’m still new to blogging, would love if you could check out my site! x

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