A Glossier Round-Up​


Hi! Since Glossier was available in the UK I have slowly been collecting the products and becoming obsessed with them! Glossier products are extremely user-friendly and fail-safe, no Instagram brows or super matte finish makeup in-site. I think that’s why I love Glossier products so much because it’s makeup for every day, it’s quick and simple making me feel more put together and fresher without spending an hour getting ready. So… with that being said one of my favourite products is the Cloud Paint…


I have four shades, Puff which is a light pink, Dusk a nude, beam which is a light peach and a new edition to my collection Dawn which is a bright coral. I’m not a huge blush person, usually, once I find a shade that I like I stick to it and pretty much never change or I don’t even wear blush. Cloud Paint has totally changed my mind and with their subtle finish that can easily be built up to an intense finish, you only need the tiniest amount for a small flush of colour. I also love that they can be mixed so you can get your perfect shade. If you like a lightweight base that just perfects the skin and lets your freckles shine through, Skin Tint is perfect as it just evens out your skin tone and gives a subtle glow, but doesn’t offer much coverage. Stretch concealer gives a glowy natural finish that helps brighten dark under eyes and even out redness. Haloscope is a dewy finish highlighter that looks like your skin is super healthy and glowing. If you love a wet editorial highlighter this is totally for you.

DSC_0643 2-2

The Balm Dot Com is a staple for me, my favourite flavour is Birthday Balm as it smells (and tastes) delicious and gives a subtle shimmer that makes your lips look glossy, the Cherry flavour is also great as it has a red tint and smells like cherry sweets and has a satin/matte finish. Both are very hydrating and last all day. They are even great for your cuticles.


Lidstar is a no-fuss cream eyeshadow that sets and last all day no matter how oily your eyelids are. I love using lidstar in the shade Moon as an eyeshadow primer. The eyeshadow doesn’t crease all day. Boy Brow is my absolute favourite eyebrow gel, I can just put this on in a rush and (well I think…) my brows look put together and more defined. It doesn’t leave your eyebrows dry or crispy. Lash Slick is new to me but I’m already loving it! No more clumpy lashes, this mascara defines adds length and holds a curl all day, not to mention it’s a breeze to take off with warm water, yay! to no more panda eyes.

Kirstin xxx

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