Anastasia Prism Palette


I’m so excited today to share with you my thoughts on the Anastasia Prism palette, this is my first palette from Anastasia! I have no idea what took me so long to try one. This palette stood out to me with the shades as I don’t have some of them in any other eyeshadow palette, so, here are my thoughts…


The palette includes 14 shades from everyday neutrals to bold shades. They come in ultra-matte, duo-chrome and metallic finishes. I have to say these have amazing pigmentation with a creamy finish. The metallic shades have an almost foil finish. This palette makes you more creative with your makeup because of the shades, there are everyday neutrals and bold shades that you can add to your makeup for a pop.


(top row, right to left)

Lucid- white gold with a pink refect

Eden- matte coral

Unity- matte nude

Sphinx- warm metallic bronze

Osiris- dark violet with red reflect

Sphere- matte electric yellow/green

Obsidian- matte black


(bottom row- right to left)

Dimension- Duo chrome silver with pink reflect

Parallel- matte deep warm brown

Pyramid- Metallic gold with a slight green reflect

Throne-  Metallic blue-green with multi-colour reflect

Saturn- matte terracotta

Eternal- Metallic copper

Lure- matte lilac/mauve


If you want a palette that is pigmented with a variety of shades, that will make you more creative with your makeup you will love this. Also, the packaging is really nice too, velvet black with gold detail makes it feel more luxurious.

Kirstin xxx

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