Bedside Beauty Essentials


Hi, I hope you are all having a lovely weekend! Today I wanted to tell you about my Bedside beauty essentials, which to me are the products I reach for last thing at night, first thing in the morning or essentials where I know I can find them…


One thing I like to make sure before I go to bed is that my skin is hydrated. I like the way oils make my skin feel and look in the mornings. However heavier oils tend to clog my pores over time and leave me with little bumps under my skin. The Ordinary 100% Plant-Derived Squalane is a lightweight oil that absorbs into the skin quickly, without leaving a greasy residue. This hydrates my skin without being heavy and I even love mixing this into my moisturiser for an added boost of hydration.


Glossier’s mint balm dotcom is a holy grail product that I can’t live without. It hydrates your lips and because of the mint, it tingles making your lips look plumper, perfect for preping the lips for lipstick. I apply this morning and night (and basically all day!) to keep my lips hydrated. But I also use the balm dotcom for moisturising my hands and cuticles and any dry patches of skin.


Invisibobble haave replaced normal bobbles for me. I can’t live without them, they don’t damage your hair, keep your hair straight or curly as they don’t ruin your hairstyle, and keep your hair in a tight ponytail, bun or any style securely, even for the gym. One is always on my bedside table Just in case I need one (I lose them constantly)

Kirstin xxx

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