Benefit dandelion shy beam 


When I heard Benefit were coming out with some new products I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them! I got the dandelion shy beam because I was interested to see what a matte liquid highlighter would be like. 

The packaging is super cute and one of my favourites that Benefit has done. 

There’s so much detail, the sides of the box is metallic pink with pink polka dots with pink and green dandelions. 

  The product itself is super cute! It is metallic pink with great writing and little dandelion, I have no idea what there called but it’s the ones when you blow them and you make a wish. Super cute though!
The lid of the highlighter is in the shape of a flower. 

What is claims: 

” shhh, it’s the highlighter with low profile. This soft baby-pink, shimmer-less highlighter puts the most natural-looking spotlight on you.” 


The applicator is like a nail polish brush, just like the high beam and posie tint, this makes it easier to apply. 


There is no shimmer what so ever, it’s a light pink nude colour and very liquidity. When blending it out I found it sets very quickly and can be a bit tough blending out so you will have to work quickly, using Mac fix + helped a lot when blending it out. 


My skin is very pale so you can’t really see a difference, only that the skin looks more radiant and more even in tone. I have really been loving putting this under my eyes and places I would usually high light before I use my Benefit watt’s up highlighter to add more radiance to the skin. 

Overall I love this product, it makes the skin more radiant but can be slightly tricky to blend. 


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  1. April 5, 2016 / 3:25 am

    Gosh, the packaging is adorable!

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