Benefit High Beam Dupe!


I love the Benefit High Beam for mixing in with my foundation or of course for highlight, but it is exspensive. I’m always looking for a less exspensive drugstore dupe that could possibly replace the high end product. Recently I went on a shopping trip and picked up the NYX Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator in the shade SUNBEAM.

DSCN3925 (2)

I’ll start with Benefit High Beam


Costing £19.50 (for full size I only have mini) High Beam is a satin pearlescent  pink highlighter. It gives the skin a dewy and radiant glow, it is a liquid highlighter and can be mixed in to foundation to make your skin look healthy and glow. It drys to a soft finish and doesn’t go tacky. It also has tiny (I mean very,very tiny) bits of sparkle, but over all has a pearl like metallic glow.


The High Beam has a brush applicator making it easy to apply.


The NYX Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator in SUNBEAM only cost £7, it also has a pink  pearlescent metallic glow. It makes the skin look healthy and radiant too and when it drys it also doesn’t go tacky and stays soft but stays on the skin. This is perfect for mixing in with foundation or even applying as a base before makeup. The packaging isn’t as nice as the High Beam but it’s the product inside that counts.


the Liquid Illuminator is in a squeezy tube makeing it less easy to apply directly to the face but still okay.

DSCN3930 (2)

( top dot is Benefit High Beam and bottom is Nyx Liquid Illuminator)

As you can see the High Beam looks lighter than the NYX highlighter , both have a smooth creamy texture and blend out well. Also with both a little goes a long way.


(Top Benefit, bottom NYX)

The true test is if they both look the same when blended out, to me they do the only difference it cam possibly see is that the NYX highlighter is ever so slightly pinker and there is some glitter that is a bit bigger but they are practically identical! So if you were thinking about getting Benefit High Beam try out the NYX liquid Illuminator in SUNBEAM first as it is identical but a fraction of the price.



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