Blush Collection 2016


I done a single eyeshadow collection a while back and I really enjoyed doing it, so I decided to do one for my blush collection. It’s not as big as my single eyeshadow one because I always go back to the same ones and same shades, but I love all the blushes in my collection. I have lots of Benefit blushes so I’ll start with them.

DSCN3953 (2)

I have five Benefit blushes in total, I got four from a blush palette, I took them out and put the pans in a Z palette, and my favoutire Hervana.

DSCN3954 (2)

(from top to bottom)

  • ROCKATEUR- pink with rose gold micro sparkels, very glowy
  • CORALISTA- light coral with gold micro glitter, perfect for summer 
  • SUGARBOMB- pink/peach with micro glitter
  • DANDELION- very light pink with micro glitter, good for all over face brighter or blush
  • HERVANA- light plum with tiny amount of micro glitter

DSCN3955 (2)

I have three Makeup Revolution blushes, they are highly pigmented and creamy and come in lots of shades and only cost £1.


(from top to bottom)

  • WOW-bright pink with micro glitter, goes on lighter and can be built up
  • TREAT-light peach with micro glitter, gives a nice healthy glow
  • NOW- nude shade with micro glitter(looks more pink in this picture)


I have two blushes left Sleek ROSE GOLD blush and Mac MELBA blush, Mac blushes are very pigmented and creamy and Sleek blushes are in amazing compact packageing with a mirror and blushes are always pigmented.


(from top to bottom)

  • SLEEK ROSE GOLD- pink with lots and lots of gold glitter, goes on sheer be can be built up 
  • MAC MELBA- matte light/nude


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