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The only product I had bought from Bobbi Brown up til about a month ago was the Shimmer Brick in Rose. I don’t know why it’s taken me this long to buy a couple more products from the brand. I love buying foundations and concealers, I feel as though if you have your base right and prefected the rest of your makeup looks so much better. As you might have guessed I bought a foundation and a corrector, so, here’s what I thought…


I bought the Skin Foundation Stick in the shade Porcelain (0). I was researching and looking for a stick foundation that would give me a skin like, natural finish but can be built up to full coverage. The Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick does just that! I can easily get a sheer coverage by using a Beauty Blender and also full coverage, when using a flat blending brush. The foundation feels and looks very natural and skin like when set (as the name suggests) It is super easy to blend and is buildable, so you can go back over a problem area and it won’t look cakey. It is also very moisturizing but I do find my skin looks less oily at the end of the day when using this foundation. Overall, my skin looks healthier and glowy when wearing this foundation, it wears nicely throughout the day not separating around the nose or chin, and not getting overly oily but there is still some shine there (but more dewy than oily) I also got one of the correctors. I sometimes get dark circles under my eyes, depending on how much I sleeped the night before. When I do have dark circles I find that concealer on it’s own just doesn’t make me look more awake or brighten up my under eyes. I love this corrector! I apply a thin layer where I need to brighten, apply concealer on top and my dark circles have gone and I instantly look more awake. I was worried that it would make my concealer crease, but it didn’t change how my concealer wore. It lasted all day with no creasing until I took it off at night. Creamy and smooth to apply. So, if you need a skin like foundation that’s pretty much prefect or a corrector that works magic for early mornings, give these two a try!

Kirstin xxx

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