Charlotte Tilbury Golden Godess


I have been lusting over this palette for a long time now, I wanted it so bad because the eyeshadow shades are what I love and use everyday. So here’s what I thought about the Charlotte Tilbury Golden Goddess Luxury Palette…


(Form bottom – top) PRIME, ENHANCE, SMOKE, POP

First of all I love the colour of the packaging, deep marron shade with beautiful rose gold details. Looks vintage and luxury. The mirror is a great size for the palette and even the detail of the little star on the mirror. The only down side I can possibly find with the packaging is that it’s plastic and doesn’t feel like a luxury palette. But still beautiful looking. The shadows are colour-coded, there are numbers on the shade of the shadows (on the back) that tell you what order to apply them in. But of course you can apply them anyway you like. I guess for first time makeup users this is great to let you know how you can apply the shadows, if you have no idea. The shades are gorgeous, well I love gold shades but I really think this palette will suit almost every skin tone. The shade PRIME is a pale champagne with a gold shimmer, this shade gives a very pretty sheen and is creamy and super pigmented. The shade ENHANCE is a cooler taupe/brown shade that I would say is for your crease, also a shimmer finish and very smoothie and pigmented. The shade SMOKE is a warm toned brown with gold shimmer, this is super pigmented and creamy too. The shade POP is different from the rest it’s a warm toned brown but with chunky glitter.  You still get good pigment from it but there is a lot of glitter. This makes it great for when you want to do an evening look. Pigmented but not as creamy because of the chunky glitter. I really love the formula of these shadows they are all super pigmented and look gorgeous especially if you have blue eyes, but still amazing for any eye colour. I have to say I don’t feel like you have to go and buy this palette straight away, it’s an absolutely beautiful palette but for what you get it is a little bit pricey. Still if you are desperate like I was to try one, I would definitely recommend this one, as it will match almost every skin tone and is easy to wear day or night. It cost £38 from the Charlotte Tilbury website. 

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