Coconut oil

I have been using coconut oil for a while now , it has amazing benefits for your hair, nails and skin

I use Lucy bee raw organic coconut oil this cost me £9.99 on Amazon.
When you open the jar it is usually soil.

It smells sooooo amazing! My mum who doesn’t even like coconut but loves the smell of this!
Prevents (delays) wrinkles and fine lines
Helps with dry skin
Help clear acne
Make hair super soft and healthy
Use As body lotion for soft skin
Fade stretch marks and scars
And much much more!

I have been using it for my blemishes and it has dramatically helped my skin
This is a picture of before


After about 3 weeks of use

My face is still a bit red but breakouts are less frequent.
I clean my face with coconut oil before I go in the shower, I don’t wash it off then when I’m in the shower I wash it off with hot water. I also make a hot oil hair mask and use it as a lotion.
Coconut oil is a miracle product that I think everyone should have.
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