Colourpop Haul!


I’m super excited today as I have my very first Colourpop haul! I have been lusting over colourpop products for so long. I took the chance a couple of weeks ago now to purchase some of there products. I got a few ultra matte lips, a highlighter and an eyeshadow. 

I got four separate lip products and a set that came with three lip products, I’ll start with the separate ones first… 

I got the shades BEEPER which is described as a warm mid-tone taupe, SPEED DIAL which is described as a rich peach, TRAP which is described as a dusty greyed out beige and finally ECHO PARK which is the only ultra satin lip I got separately (the other three are ultra matte lips) and I described as a warm peach nude. 

Then I got a set of three called OUT AND ABOUT, this included the shades VIPER which is described as a true dusty rose ultra matte finish, TIMES SQUARE which is described as a muted pink beige in ultra matte finish and finally BARACUDA which is described as a deepened rose in ultra satin finish. 

Finally the last two items I got was a highlighter in the shade FLEXITARIAN which is described as an intense white champagne in a pearlized finish, also super shock eyeshadow in NILLIONAIRE which is described as a warm bronze with tons of gold and multi coloured glitter in a metallic finish. 

As you can see they are all so pigmented and beautiful! The ultra matte lips are amazing and that highlight is the most glowy I think I’ve ever seen. A full in depth review will be coming soon but I just couldn’t wait to share my purchases with you. 


  1. November 23, 2016 / 6:26 pm

    Loved your post! Thanks for sharing! Waiting on my purchase to come in from CP! SUPER EXCITED!

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