Cute reindeer nails 


Christmas is so close!! Here’s some cute nails you can do leading up to the exciting day! 

I first applied a base coat to protect my nails then I put two coats if a fine gold glitter polish, it’s okay if you can still see your own nails. 

 Then once it has dried I took a red nail polish and made a half moon shape with the brush, for the nose. 
Then with a polish with a liner brush I took a black polish and created two small lines. 

Then I put two smaller lines to make antlers. 

Then with a tooth pick (or dotting tool) I made two eyes, with a white polish I put as all white line on the nose to make it appear as if they are  shining. 

I applied  a top coat and a cuticle treatment, cute and simple🎄 

What I used: 

Left to right(Sally Hansen hard as wraps,China glaze fast track,nail enamel candy cane,pink tease black liner,Rimmel 60 seconds white hot love, colour couture top coat, bursts beeslemon butter cuticle cream) 

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