drugstore haul


Once again I bought some makeup, this time all drugstore and brand new never tried before for me. I got the NYX contour palette, NYX Liquid Illuminator, Barry M Gelly nail paint top coat and Seventeen Stay Time concealer.


First the most exciting is the NYX contour palette

I was in need of a contour palette and I had my eye on the NYX one for a while now. It has eight shades with a great range of shades perefect for highlight and contour. It includes four contour and two shimmer highlighters and two matte highlight shades. (review will be soon)


Another NYX product I picked up was the Liquid Illuminator, I got it in the shade sunbeam a light pink tone liquid highlighter that resembles Benefit High Beam. Of course in the summer I like to look like I have that summer glow, I have seen lots of youtubers and bloggers talk about it so I thought I would give it a go. you can use this as a highlighter, under foundation or mixed into foundation.


Seventeen Stay Time concealer, I have used the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer I thought it was okay and nothing special. Bloggers and youtubers raved about it, but also I have heard some talk about the Seventeen Stay Time concealer. I got the shade EXTRA FAIR and it basically matches my skin tone, so I won’t use it for highlighting but more for covering blemishes. I have treied it once so far and I have really liked it. ( review also coming soon!)


Last but not least is Barry M Gelly Nail Paint top coat, for around six months now I have been needing a top coat and never got round to getting one. I got it for under five pounds, I really like the Barry M  Gelly Nail Paint and other polishes from them because there cheap but amazing quality. I thought I would try it to see if it made your nail polish shine like the Gelly nail polishes. I have it on now and I have to say it makes your nails very, very shiny and look like you have acrylics on.



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