Eyeshadow palette collection 2016


I have collected a few palettes over the last year including highend and drugstore here is my eyeshadow collection 2016. 

First I’ll go through my urban decay palettes as they take up most of my collection.

This one is new, I got it for Christmas. I love the bright colours and the different shimmers and chunky glitters and a few mattes of this palette, it’s perfect for anyone that likes bold eye shadows or if you want to try a pop of colour in your looks. The shadows do have a significant fall out especially the chunky glitters. The packaging is just beautiful.

Top 3 shadows: bitter,flame and underhand 
The Urban Decay naked palette is one I always go back too, it has every colour you will ever need, it definitely a warm tone palet with lots of golds and a few gun metal shadows. They have great quality and don’t tend to fall out especially with the urban decay primer potions. Definitely would recommend for a first highend palette or just to add to your collection. Packaging can get messy because it’s velvet.

Top 3 shadows:toasted,sidecar(favourite eyeshadow ever!) and half baked 
Urban Decay naked 2 palette is a silver tone palette with lots of silver shimmer and glitter, it includes mattes too. Lots of copper and silver shadows great quality like the naked palette and don’t tend to fall out. I like this packaging a lot better can clean easily and keep shadows safe.

Top 3 shadows:booty call, chopper(so amazing for blue eyes) and YDK 

Naked 3 is a beautiful rose gold palette, if you love rose gold this is the perfect palette for you. It includes mates and shimmers. All great quality and don’t tend to fall out expected dust which does. All pigmented and really nice for a romantic roses look. I also like this packaging as it keeps the shadows same.

Top 3 shadows: trick,buzz and nooner 
Naked basics is my go to everyday palette that I love and use so much, this is greys for travel as its so compact and can fit in your bag. It has every colour you need for a daytime look to a nighttime one. It includes one shimmer and the rest are mattes. Great quality and doesn’t tend to fall out. I use naked 2 everyday for my eyebrows. 

Top 3 shadows: Venus,naked2 and faint 
The too faced chocolate bar palette is my new love! It smells amazing the pigmentation is so good and the shadows are just up my street. It has a great mix of mattes and shimmer that are highly pigments and don’t tend to fall out. Cute packaging too!

Top 3 shadows: salted caramel, marzipan and creme brûlée 

The too faced natural eyes palette is a great every day palette that has lots of nice natural mattes and shimmers, really pigmented and creamy texture to the shadows, get mix of mattes and shimmers. The shadows don’t tend to fall out. Packaging keeps shadows safe.

Top 3 shadows:push-up,honey pot and cashmere bunny 
The Tanya Burr fairy tale eye palette is a great drugstore everyday eyeshadow palette, it has three mattes and one shimmer. Amazing quality for a drugstore palette and very velvety in texture. Great pigmentation and does not tend to fall out. Also has cute packing too. 

Top 2 shadows: velvet cushion and cream tea 
Lorac pro palette is definitely one of my top eyeshadow palettes, the creamy texture of the shadows us absolutely amazing and blows any other palette out the park, you get eight matte and eight shimmer/glitter shades. They don’t have any fall out and also super pigmented, only thing is the packaging gets finger prints all over it and it’s hard to clean. 

Top 3 shadows: cream,gold(the best gold ever!) and champagne 
Finally the sleek original palette, sleek have great palettes and good quality for drugstore eyeshadows, the original palette is full of shimmer/glitter shades. They have a nice texture but not the most pigmented but with a little fix plus the look so metallic. Only annoying thing is the names were on a plastic sheets and I’ve lost it! 

Top 3 shadows : copper colour(I think is called penny farthing),cream colour(I think is called high tea) and the light pink colour 
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  1. February 1, 2016 / 7:52 pm

    Wow! They all look incredible, which is your favourite?
    Isabelle x

  2. February 3, 2016 / 1:57 am

    Great collection! I love my original UD palette and the naked basics. Thanks for sharing! 🙂 x

    Caryl – http://carylalmelor.com/

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