Favourite Affordable Highlighters


I wear highlighter everyday (well when I wear makeup) it’s became a must in my makeup routine. There are so many highlighters out there now-a-days almost every cosmetic brand has at least one. But you don’t have to buy a high end highlighter to look brighter than the sun, there are lots of amazing affordable highlighters out there that are just as good or better than expensive ones. so in todays post I’m going to share my favourite affordable highlighters.


I have so many drugstore highlighters it’s just a bit crazy, but there are four in my collection that really stand out to me and that I use a lot.


(swatches from top-bottom)

The very top swatch is my favourite highlighter of all time, it’s the Colourpop  Super Shock Cheek highlighter in FLEXITARIAN. The formula is extremely creamy and smooth on the skin, it is very pigmented and a little goes a long way ( but I never use a little any way!) It almost looks wet on the skin and when blend out your skin looks super dewy and glistening. Your skin looks absolutely beautiful. The next one down is MUA Strobe and Glow hIGHLIGHT Kit in the shade PEARL GLOW this includes a cream and a powder that I tend to use together to get the best effect. I apply the cream first then the powder on top, it gives off a really pretty glowing effect, but you don’t have to use the two together. I f you just use the cream you’ll get a natural dewy effect and the powder gives a ‘lit from within’ kinda glow. The third one done is Makeup Revolution London Vivid Baked Highlighter in the shade peach lights. As the name suggests this highlighter gives of a duo-chrome each/pink glow that I love so much . It is very pigmented and the duo chrome effect is stunning, but not too out there. The last one is Makeup Revolution London Strobe Highlighter in the shade FLASH. This is a finely milled highlighter with a metallic duo-chrome gold effect. This is so blinding a amazing especially when applied with a damp brush. pigmented and smooth to apply on the skin, with no larger bits of noticeable glitter. I use this one on a regular basis and the duo-chrome effect isn’t a very out there, but when it catches the light it looks very pretty.


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