Favourite brow products 


These are my favourite brow products that I use almost everyday, they are all drugstore too! 

First is the Rimmel professional brow pencil

This is basically your everyday brow pencil, I really like this pencil as you can create the look of tiny hairs, I have this in two colours hazel and black-brown. They have a small brush on the lid of the pencil that is okay but you can find better. 

Maybelline brow satin, used to be my favourite as you have a small pencil on one end and a bit of sponge on the other end that has the powder. The pencil side of this product is pretty good gives you thin lines so you can mimic brow hairs. The powder side is okay gives out a small amount of product so your brows look thick but not fake! 

My absolute favourite is the soap and glory archery, I know you can get the brow archery with the brush and pencil but this one has a pencil side and a pen tint side. I think this is the perfect colour for my brows, you can build the product to your desired effect. The tint side is great for filling in your brows and mimicking hairs. I use the pencil to out line my shape and the pen end to fill in brows. Works amazingly. 

For brow gel I like to use Maybelline brow drama to set my brows in place for the day. I like this brow gel because you don’t get that much product on the brush but just enough to make your brows appear thicker. The brush is a bit strange but works. 

The Rimmel brow this way is fantastic for days you’re in a hurry and need a one stop brow product. This is seriously so pigmented and fills in your brows in seconds. The brush is small and easy to create small stroke with,but  sometimes too much product can get on the brush applicator.

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  1. November 16, 2015 / 7:17 pm

    Great post! You need to try the loreal brow plumper! Btw I have no clue why my account keeps unsubscribing to yours! I must have refollowed 3 times this week! :$

  2. November 17, 2015 / 4:29 pm

    Which one is your favourite!? I also have the rimmel pencil and I want to try either the maybelline or rimmel gel. I also use the Soap&Glory brush and pencil (not sure about the name!).
    Isabelle x

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