Favourite drugstore eyeshadow palettes 


9 days till Christmas!🎅🏻 

OMG Christmas is next week! I honestly can’t believe how fast it has come in. I’m soooooo excited it’s crazy!

I have pick out my favourite drugstore eyeshadow palettes that I tend to reach for and are very cheap and also have very high quality for the price.

First is the MUA luxe utopia nouveau nude & bare 10 shade palette

This is a beautiful rose gold palette that are incredibly pigmented for the price, they have a smooth texture. They are sheer when dry but if you apply them wet they are super metallic. It also comes with a good size mirror so it is good for traveling, the only thing is there’s no matte shades. If you over look that’s it’s a beautiful palette that’s small and compact and has amazing quality. Sleek packaging too.

Next is the MUA Elysium palette 

This is a great dupe for the naked3 it practically has the same colours, great quality again, with matte shades and glitter shades and also metallic shades. The palette is great for day and night look and has really nice shades, the only thing is there is no mirror so possibly not the best for travel. But still really good. Not a fan of the look but still sleek.

The Tanya burr fairytale eye palette 

This is one of my everyday palettes, it has every colour eye need for an everyday look and also has a mirror it’s very small though. Small and compact for travel. The shadows are velvety and very pigmented. This palette has three matte shades and one grey with silver sparkle. Over all a very good palette. Also cute packaging.

The sleek original palette 

This palette is full of metallic glitter, when applied dry they are still very smooth but glitter is sheer, when applied wet they are super metallic and look beautiful. This palette comes with a great size mirror. The packaging is super sleek and easy to keep clean.

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  1. December 17, 2015 / 6:59 pm

    I feel like adding a lot of these on to my shopping list! Thanks for recommending them 🙂 xo

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