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I love perfume, I wear it everyday without fail. I have also found my favourite perfume and I now wear it everyday, it’s my most favourite and signature scent. I do have other favourites though and I wear them on the days I feel like a bit of a change or if they go with my mood that day. These are scents I wear all year round but some are more for the summer and some for the winter months. 

I’ll start with DKNY women, (before I start I’m not the best at describing scents) it has a citrus and floral smell but very light and perfect for the day time. I have got to say not everyone will like this as it has a particular scent, I love it because it reminds me of my mum because she used to wear it all the time when I was little. It is a perfect scent for the summer months but of course you can wear it all year round. 

Next is Paco Rabanne lady million, it has a very fresh scent and is very floral. Great for day and night, this is quite popular and is a very nice perfume. The bottle is very attractive diamond shape too, this is a great perfume for all the year round as its not to heavy or light. 

Air by Ariana Grande, I got this at Christmas and I really love it! It has a fruity/floral scent and is also very sweet smelling(but not sickly)I would say this is more geared to the day time than night, and also I would say more for spring/summer months.The bottle is just stunning and sits on my vanity.

My absolute signature scent is DKNY be delicious, the bottle itself is nothing amazing but I just love the smell! It’s a fresh,sweet scent but mild and not overly sweet. This is great for all weathers and is perfect for day time. 

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