First impressions

I went into superdrug yesterday and I picked up a few things.
The first thing is Sleek makeup original palette.


The palette is sleek and a good size and would be perfect for travel.


When you open up the palette there is a clear plastic sheet with all the names of the eye shadows.

Starting from the bottom. Banksy, black cab, royal, London rain, the Thames, E10, Hyde park, cream tea, London eye, Big Ben, penny farthing, sterling.
These colours are so beautiful and they are creamy too. My favourites are Big Ben, penny farthing and sterling.
£7.99 superdrug.

Next is MUA lipstick in brave.

This is a really nice natural colour, a pinky nude. This is creamy but smells a bit like plastic.

I also got MUA voluminous felt eyeliner.
I found this almost watery at first but once dried stays on well.

Superdrug- £3

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  1. March 6, 2015 / 10:09 am

    I love MUA That colour is gorgeee!! I have this strange urge to go shopping now haha! Great post doll xox

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