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Since the festive season is on its way (I’m already excited!) and that parties and special occasions usually happen more often at this time of year, glittery makeup is always a go-to to add a little extra something. So, I bought the Glitter eyes chunky five pressed glitter palette and thought it was perfect for this time of year…


In the palette, you get five chunky glitters that cover basically every occasion. The palette has white packaging, which as you can see the only downfall is that the Vegetable Glycerin transfers some of the pigment onto the palette (but it’s completely normal and doesn’t affect the glitter). The glitters are so easy to work with and last all day and all night. Of course, because they’re glitter there is some fallout but it’s very minimal. I would recommend using the NYX Glitter Primer as a base before you apply it to make it stick and last even longer, but you really don’t need a primer.



SpaceDust (multi reflect chunky glitter), MagicSpell (purple and pink chunky and fine mixed glitter), Crystalline (chunky and fine mixed glitter with rainbow and ultraviolet glitter)



GoldDigger (fine gold glitter with chunky mixed glitter), Prism (rainbow reflects glitter)

The glitters go on the eyes (or face) smoothly and feel more like an eyeshadow than a glitter. My favourite glitter is Prism, it’s surprisingly very wearable and has a gorgeous multi-tone reflect that makes any makeup look that bit more special for the festive season parties. All these shades are amazing and really easy to use with a lot less mess than normal glitter. Costs £21.99

Kirstin xxx


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