Guide to eyeliner


Eyeliner is an amazing way to transform and define your eyes, here are so tips to get that perfect wing! 

The product 

At first it can be hard to find the right formula of eyeliner for you. Gel eyeliner is easy to apply you usually find it in little pots or in pen form (benefit they’re real push-up liner) pencil is easy and probably used most days by people, felt tip is the easiest and best if you are in a hurry, liquid is the hardest to achieve and takes a while to master. Black is the classic but you can try other colours and spice things up a bit. Try blue, purple  to make your eyes pop or use brown which is great for soft looks and can be worn everyday. 

(Benefit they’re real push-up liner, Rimmel glam eyes liquid liner and MUA voluminous felt eyeliner) 


  • Start from your inner corner and draw a line along your top lashes (doesn’t have to be perfect)


  • With your eyes open, from the outer corner draw the size of flick you want 


  • Close your eyes and connect the lash line and the flick, the right shape is different for every eye(do this to your desired thickness) 


  • Then apply mascara, remember put eyeshadow on first the you eyeliner! If you mess up on the flick use a makeup wipe or makeup remover on a cotton bud to fix it. If you messed up at the lash line start again 

Practice Practice Practice 

Doing that classic cat flick is harder than it looks, so remember  you won’t get it first time but practice does make perfect, the more you do it the better you’ll get!

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  1. September 3, 2015 / 2:14 pm

    Practice practice practice. It’s true. I still need help sometimes but that’s what a cotton swab and makeup remover are for!

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