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Recently I have been trying to up my hair care game, my hair is so frizzy naturally. So to try and get smoother, more silky hair I have been using some new products that I have found have totally worked. Here’s my haircare favourites that have made a huge improvement in my hair…


I’ll start with the hair tools that have improved my hair, making it more manageable…


If you have hair that is frizzy or prone to getting knotted, and you haven’t tried a Tangle Teezer yet! You have to get one as soon as you can. My hair gets tangled and is in knots all the time, using a normal hair brush is so painful and when your hair is wet, using a normal hair brush can cause a lot of damage. The Tangle Teezer ever since discovering it has save my life (well my hair at least) No matter how big the tangle may be this is a (almost) pain free why to get the tangle out. It causes less damage and can even be used on wet hair. I have the compact one, it has a cover for the bristles so they don’t get damaged, the smaller size is also amazing for travel and a perfect fit for your handbag. If I use heat in my hair, it is usually to curl it. I’m not a fan of the ringlet curls, they’re super cute don’t get me wrong but I defiantly don’t suit them. To get soft curls I simply take a wide tooth comb and run it through the curls, easily creating perfect soft curls and waves.


Before I apply any heat I always make sure I have used heat protectant. The two I use all the time is the Bumble and bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible oil and Dickens and Hawthorne Shine hair primer. When I wash my hair, I spray these two products in my hair so when it drys it has a nice shine. When my hair is all ready dry and if I want to blow dry my hair this amazing pair makes my hair super soft and sleek.


After I have straightened, curled or anything else that could be drying for my hair, I like to apply a serum or oil. My must have is the OGX Kukuí Oil, this is the only oil I have found to stop my hair from going frizzy, I apply this everyday at the ends of my hair to stop it from going frizzy and dry. Would totally recommend if you have frizzy and untameable hair.

Kirstin xxx

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