How To Be A Morning Person

The sun is out longer as summer is closer, in summer and spring I like to make the most of my mornings. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your beautiful spring/summer morning. 


Tip #1 

Go to bed earlier! Yes I know that’s easier said than done, but making sure you have 8hrs sleep a night makes a HUGE difference in your mood and your energy for the day. Instead of going on your phone or laptop before you sleep, even 30 minutes before you go to sleep read a book or magazine. You will fall asleep in no time. 

Tip #2 

Wake up to something to look forward to, whether that’s a walk with your dog, a big bowl of cereal or a shower. This will help to set your day with positive thoughts and a happy mood. 

Tip #3 

Excersie, I know that in the mornings it’s hard to even think about excersie when you have just stumbled out of bed. This will increase your energy and get your thoughts in gear and help with work stress or even stress with school. This will increase your fitness too making you more confident and happy. 

Tip #4 

If you struggle to sleep at night (like me:() a great way to make this easier is by using a spry on your pillow. Such as deep sleep pillow talk a spry you put on your pillow before you go to bed, it will help soothe you and make you more tired. 

Tip #5 

Be more organised, this helps a lot especially if you have school. Put out what your going to wear the night before and if you take a pack lunch, make it the night before or know what you are going to do in the morning. Also put out the makeup on your vanity table or bathroom the night before so you don’t waste time trying to find products.The extra half an hour you will have can go back into your sleep.

tip #6
plan ahead what you want to achieve for the day and write it down. Tick it off as you go along and you feel like you are on track for the day. By night you can relax knowing you have down everything.


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