How To Be Confident In 2019


Hi, one of my 2019 resolutions is to be more confident. I struggle with self-doubt, which I think most people probably will experience at some point in their life. I often somehow convince myself I can’t do something, or I won’t get to where I want to be, because of self-doubt. In 2019 I want to focus on my confidence and manage self-doubt, so it doesn’t consume my thoughts, here are some tips on how you can grow your confidence… DSC_0815

Ask yourself, did I challenge myself today? This will help you know what you’re not confident with and allow you to work on it over time. You will find some things harder to do than others, challenge yourself with this. You will become more comfortable with the idea of trying something new, eventually making it easier for you in new situations.

Acknowledge when you have challenged yourself, overcame anxiety you may have or a situation that affects your confidence. I know I don’t give myself any credit for doing well in a situation that I often find difficult, because I think that it’s probably normal for everyone else. Give yourself credit that you deserve and know that you are trying and that everyone is different and have different challenges.

Start a journal and write your thoughts. Often with anxiety and an overwhelming feeling of stress, is because we are bombarded with so many thoughts. To try and organise my thoughts I like to write them down, whether that’s by taking notes on my phone or in a notebook. When I write my thoughts down, even small things like what I need to remember to get at the shops, there is almost a weight being taken off my mind.

Take a break. sometimes lack of confidence is because we have lost the spark that made us so passionate about our jobs, hobbies etc… taking a break from your everyday life will hopefully make you more excited to return to your passion. You might even have a fresh perspective or idea to bring to the table inspired by your break.


Confidence is all about believing in yourself, in your ability. If you believe in yourself you will feel confident. Don’t feel alone, many people (in fact probably most people) struggle with a lack of confidence, make 2019 the year you try and experience new things and gain confidence.

Kirstin xxx

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