How To Stay Motivated


Hi, today I wanted to talk about how to keep motivated and inspired when trying to achieve goals or in general, keep up with today’s demanding world. From time-to-time I lose motivation, I think we all do, when we stress out and forget why we set a goal or doing something in the first place. We all experience this at some point in our lives, so, it’s important to have habits in place that will get us back on the right path, here are my tips for getting back on the path to your success:

Relax. This one is super important, whether you relax by watching Netflix or meditating you have to relax. This will help stop the stress building up and reaching a boiling point where we feel we can’t handle it.

Plan and stay organised. By planning ahead you will be able to see clearly what direction or step you will need to take next to achieve your end goal. When there is no planning involved it can get messy and maybe even frustrating as you might lose sight of the direction you need to go, by writing lists, charts and even timetables you will feel more in control of the situation and even more inspired to get the tasks done. Even a list of things to do will organise your mind and clear your thoughts, this is kind of like a brain dump in a bullet journal, you can get all your thoughts down on paper.

Read. Read books on the topic you want to be inspired in, for example, if you are interested in fashion you might read a book by someone who is an inspiration in that industry. By reading others stories and being able to see where they come from and how hard they had to work will motivate you to carry-on your own journey.

Take a break. this might sound like the first point I mentioned but this time I literally mean stop for a period of time, whatever it is your doing. Sometimes we need a breather, take our minds off the situation or project we are trying to do. By taking a break it will allow you to come up with new ideas in a stress free environment, find your passion for the goal and almost miss it giving you new motivations and time to be inspired.

Kirstin xxx

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