Lip lava review 


Well, I was shopping (no surprise there!) and I spotted the I <3 makeup lip lava liquid lipstick. It only cost £2.99 so I thought it was worth a try. I got the colour tremor. 

The packaging is very cute and pink. 

It’s in a tube like a lip gloss, the packing if the same as the colour of the liquid lipstick and has the same design as the box. 

The applicator is a spong, you squeeze the tube and the liquid comes out from the middle. It’s very easy and smoothe to apply. 

The colour is very pigmented and opaque on the lips, it’s not sticky on the lips and lasts a long time too. It does have a plastic smell though. The lip lava are worth the £2.99! They are such great quality for that price, I would even put them up with the too faced melted lipsticks. 

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