Lush feeling younger skin tint 


Lush feeling younger skin tint is a cream vegan highlighter that’s so amazing, I have pretty much only been wearing this highlighter under my foundation and as a cheek highlight. 

What it claims: 

“A light-reflecting skin tint made with oats, fragrant essential oils and cocoa butter for a gorgeous glow wherever you want it. Soothing oatmeal is combined with nourishing jojoba and almond oils as well as cocoa butter, and we blend in a pigment that reflects light. Use it on its own or under our Colour Supplements to give your face a dewy radiance.” 

I have been using it under my foundation and BB cream, like Mac’s strobe cream. It’s very similar and the feeling younger skin tint is better for your skin. I haven’t broke out using it as my skin is very acne prone and can use it in different ways, using it under foundation, mixing it in with foundation or using it as a highlighter. 

It has a very thick texture but feels light weight on the skin and moisturising, I have oily skin and I’ve used it on my T-zone it didn’t make me anymore oily than if I didn’t use it. A plus side is because it’s from lush it’s made with natural ingredients so on irritants. One con to this product is the packaging because it’s a pot more bacteria can spread on the product, so use a cotton bud or a clean brush when using it to stop the spread of bacteria. 

It has tiny sparkles in it, but don’t worry it has more of a luminous finish than lots of sparkle and glitter. 

It is very easy to apply and smoothe on to the skin. It makes the skin glow and look healthy. Also if you are looking for a cheaper or vegan option for Mac’s strobe cream, lush feeling younger skin tint hits the mark perfectly. 


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  1. March 28, 2016 / 7:04 pm

    Wow I’ve never seen this before! Very interesting; I like the luminous look xx

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