Lush Haul


It has been a while since I’ve done a lush haul, I picked up a few things and thought I would share them with you before I use them up! (it has been a struggle not to use them)


First is my all time favourite mash for Lush, the Mask Of Magnaminty.


This has the most amazing smell, it reminds me of mint chocolate chip ice cream! As I have oily and acne prone skin this mask helps keep the big blemishes a bay. It also has ground organic aduki beans and evening primrose seeds that help to gently remove dead skin cells, and make your skin glow while you take the mask off. If you have blemish prone skin defiantly check this one out.


Another skin care product I picked up was the Skin Drink facial moisturiser, I got this because I wanted a more natural hydrating moisturiser for my skin that wouldn’t cause little bumps on my T-zone and cheeks because it has natural ingredients. This moisturiser has soothing aloe vera so it will help calm my skin down without breaking it out, when I have a breakout. Softens skin and keeps skin hydrated.

DSCN4069 (2)

For the more exciting part of Lush and my favourite is the bath bombs! I got the Frozen bath bomb which has lots of glitter and smells so good. Honestly can’t wait to use this and watch my bath turn blue with sliver glitter.

DSCN4068 (2)

Lastly is the mmmelting marshmallow moment, I don’t know about you but by this time I start to miss snow fairy. I was no the hunt to find a similar sent, I found this and it is basically the same. I love to put this in my bath while it runs, makes your bath so relaxing and smell pretty good too!



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