Lush Jelly Face Masks Review


I use face masks all the time and when Lush jelly face masks came out I was so excited and had to give them a try. I got 1000 Millihelens and Bunny Moon mask, I have never seen anything like these masks before, so here’s what I thought…


To use these masks you take a small chunk of the mask and rub it between your hands (make sure your hands are dry)  until it makes a paste, then apply to a dry, clean face. I have to say it’s weirdly satisfying using these masks because of the unique jelly texture, a little messy but you only have to wait 5-10 minutes.

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1000 Millihelens jelly mask contains green tea infusion, kaolin, fresh apple juice, Sicilian lemon oil, witch hazel and Brazilian orange oil. As you can probably tell if you have blemish prone skin it’s perfect for you, and it has a herbal smell so if you like herbal tea you’ll like this too. The witch hazel is anti-bacterial, the green tea tones your skin, the lemon and orange oils brightens. I really liked this one after 10 minutes I found the redness of my spots went down and my pores seemed tighter. This one I found was slightly harder to make into a paste of the two, but still easy and very effective in the short amount of time applied.

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Bunny Moon has honey, kaolin, chamomile and marigold petal infusion and rose oil. If you have sensitive skin you will love this as it is super gentle on the skin. Leaves the skin super soft and moisturized. I love, love using this before makeup as my skin is left soft and has a beautiful glow after 5 minutes, while the gold sparkles in the mask makes it feel like your proper pampering yourself! This one was very easy to make into a paste and calmed and refreshed my skin. These are fun, easy and effective face masks that are totally unique from anything else I have tried. I’ve noticed how little you need to use, so I definitely think these jelly masks will last a lot longer than the other Lush face masks. They do take a bit more effort to get off because when water is added they go almost slimy, but just make sure the water is warm when removing it. I really like these face masks and I will be definitely trying the rest of the jelly face mask range at lush.

Kirstin xxx

Bunny Moon– £6.95

1000 Millihelens– £6.95



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  1. September 1, 2017 / 8:10 am

    Ooohh these sound so cool!!! I haven’t gotten anything from Lush in ages, but I think you’ve just convinced me to do some shopping ;)!m xoxox

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