Mac Face&Body Review 


One day to go! My stomach has butterflies I’m so excited. Today I’m going to tell you what I thought of the Mac Face and Body foundation. This foundation is very hyped up and in my opinion I think it’s worth the hype. The skin like finish is my ideal type of foundation, so here’s what I thought on the makeup artists cult foundation…

As always the packing from Mac is minimalistic and sleek, the bottle is plastic. Which is great when traveling so there is less chance of the bottle breaking, but it does feel cheaper because of the plastic. You get 50ml which is going to last forever as a normal foundation usually has 30ml. There is also a bigger 120ml available but I thought I would try it first before making that commitment of a huge bottle. Also instead of a pump like most liquid foundations it comes with a nozzle. This is to give you better control as the foundation is very liquidity. 

This foundation is very liquidity almost like water(so always give the bottle a good shake before use). But the unique thing about this foundation is the more you work it into the skin, the thicker the foundation gets so more coverage. This foundation layers beautifully no matter how many layers it just looks like healthy skin. The best way I feel to apply it is with your hands, warm it up in your fingers then gently rub it into your skin. If you don’t like using your hands( it is a bit messy) use a stiff buffing brush but the warmth of your hands really makes this foundation work better. The coverage is sheer but can be build to a medium coverage, this is the most build able foundation I’ve tried. The finish is a gorgeous dewy finish, perfect skin that almost looks pore free! Looks like second skin which is my favourite type of foundation. I have oily skin and I still enjoy wearing this foundation, I just use a mattifying primer and powder on my T-zone. This foundation is ideal for normal to dry skin. This foundation also photographs beautifully, with no flash back whatsoever. Also it doesn’t oxidise which because of my paleness is amazing and doesn’t transfere easily. The only thing is that if you have oily skin you will after a long day have a slightly shiny forehead( but nothing a bit of power can’t fix). Also this is great for people with near perfect skin or with blemishes. Use this foundation to even out your skin tone and go in with concealer pin pointing the trouble areas (I do this almost everyday). You won’t even tell your wearing makeup on your skin. However if you have severe acne this may not be enough coverage, but may even Out some redness before concealer. 

Cost: £22 

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