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It’s been a while since I got some new eyeshadows from Makeup Geek, So, I placed an order on Beauty Bay. I wanted to have some different shades, not warm-toned browns and golds like I usually do (it was so hard not to choose warm-toned shades!) and I also got one of the contour powders. Here’s what I bought…


I’ll start with the contour powder (left) which I wasn’t intending to buy at first but then I realized I don’t really have a contour powder. I always just use a bronzer (which don’t get me wrong works fine) I was going to pick up the Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting powder, but the price seemed a bit steep. The shade I got is Break up, on the back of the pan, it says it would be ideal for cool porcelain skin tones. It’s very cool toned and perfect for contouring. It’s extremely pigmented and blends into the skin seamlessly. You only need to use a tiny amount with a light hand, as it can look muddy if you use too much. I have been loving using this for creating a natural contour and because you only need to apply very little because it’s so pigmented, I can see this pan lasting a long time.


(left-right; Peacock, Rebel, Phantom, Starry Eyed, Contour Powder Break Up)

I wanted a teal blue shade that I could use for a smokey eye, just something different from black or brown. Peacock is a matte teal blue shade that’s very pigmented and looks stunning for a smokey eye or my favourite way is to use it as a winged liner. Rebel is a light purple with gold shimmer. This shadow really caught my eye, it looks stunning on its own, all over the lid and blended into the crease. Also very pigmented and smooth to apply. I really love makeup looks when the inner corner highlight is a lilac or purple highlight. So, the shade Phantom, a Duo-chrome shadow is perfect for this. A white shadow base with a violet reflect looks stunning to highlight any look and really stand out. Almost looks transparent and ethereal like (I have no idea how to describe it, but basically a perfect mermaid eyeshade) and smooth and pigmented to apply. Last but not least is the stunning foiled shadow Starry Eyed. I have been lusting over this for sooo long! every time I see a halo eye look with this in the middle or just by itself, it just makes every look, look beautiful. It’s a light champagne with a pink undertone, goes with every look and skin tone. Not to mention the insane pigmentation this foil shadow has, I will definitely be getting more of the foil shadows from Makeup Geek!

Kirstin xxx


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