Makeup Revolution Highlight Palette 


Today I have a review on the Makeup Revolution Highlight Palette, I got this a few weeks ago because I think the Makeup Revolution highlighters are amazing quality for money. 

The packaging is small, sleek and black. It looks more highend for the price and is made of plastic so easier to clean. Also has a huge mirror.

The palette come with three shades, they don’t have names which is slightly annoying😫. There is a light/white shade with yellow undertones, a peach with lavender undertones and a lavender with white/silver undertones. The shades all have a duo chrome effect which looks really pretty on the cheeks. 

Top to bottom: white/yellow, peach/lavender, lavender/silver

The highlighters are pigmented and you can easily go overboard if you don’t use a light hand when applying (let’s be honest we all want that strong Highlight😉) the are powdery but still very pigmented and applies smoothly. This palette is totally worth the £8! Yip only £8 I couldn’t believe it too. They are such great quality and will last, my favourite way to use them is to pick a shade to go over my highlight to give a pop my fave is the lavender. 

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