Marc Jacobs Highliner


Today I wanted to share my thoughts on the Marc Jacobs matte gel Highliner So, let’s jump straight into it…


(powder pink-pink of me) (dark warm toned brown- (earth)quake)

As always with any Marc Jacob product, the packaging is chic and looks high-end the liner is like a gel liner in crayon form. The product itself is extremely pigmented and is smooth to apply. This can be used to create sharp lines easily with the precise point. The eyeliner is super long wearing and waterproof (very waterproof) you can smudge the liner out but you only have a couple of seconds as the liner sets, and then there’s no going back! One handy thing about this liner is that there’s a built-in sharpener so it makes it even easier to get a sharp cat eye. Overall this product is very pigmented and glides on the eye perfectly, it’s long wearing and waterproof and makes sharp liner easy. if you are looking for a high-quality eyeliner that will last, give the liner a try!

Kirstin xxx

Kindly sent by Influenster and Marc Jacobs Beauty for testing purposes

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