March favourites!!

These are my months favourites:)

First is kiss and make-up cleansing wipes, these are soooo good go at removing makeup one of the best makeup wipes I have got these wipes also have organic ingredients to.

IMG_0541</Next is herbal essences clearly naked sheer shine mist, this really works I spray it on my hair once I have washed it and it makes my hair feel soft and shiny. I also spray it on my hair when it’s dry and it stops my hair from being so frizzy and dry looking and makes it look shiny and healthy.

I have been using my naked basics palette a lot lately because I’ve been going for a more natural look so it’s perfect.


I love this coconut body butter from the body shop, it smells so heavenly I love it so much!


This is my new favourite nail polish its pearl fuchsia from cherimoya, it’s a beautiful rose gold colour I think I’ll be using this all year round!


That was this months favourites
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