May empties 2016


I thought I would share my empty products this month that i’m going to repurchase again and have been for a while now.


First I have been loving using makeup wipes to remove the excess makeup before I wash my face, I have found two brands of makeup removing wipes that don’t make me break out.

DSCN3834 (2)

The simple wipes are cheap but effective and super soft, usually with makeup wipes my skin has a burning  feeling after I use them but I don’t find that at all with the simple ones. love!


Organic Surge is a new brand to me but I love anything natural for my skin, these are the kiss and make-up cleasning wipes. Really really good the wipes are thicker and durable than other wipes. I find I only have to use one when I use these. smell clean and fresh and super soft. My skin feels moisturised  when I use them.


The Nip+Fab dragon blood serum is a holy grail skincare product for me, this is a light serum that makes the skin velvet smooth and soft. I run out of this so quickly maybe it’s because I use to much(I just can’t get enough!)


I use the simple soothing toner because I use the moisturiser, I really like simple products as there is no added extra ingredients. I use this after my Pixi glow tonic as it really hydrates the skin.


I have been using the John Frieda miraculous recovery serum, I apply this after I wash my hair to add extra sleekness as calm down frizz. The only thing is you don’t get a lot of product in the bottle.


Lush ultra bland face cleanser is a very gentle cleanser, it’s a balm texture and really helps melt all the dirt and makeup off. I used this all the time when my skin was at its worse because it was soothing and cleansed my skin really well, without irritating it. 


Micellar water is so amazing at getting your eye makeup off without stinging your eyes or rubbing your eyes too much.  The Garnier one is my favourite and you get such a big bottle too. I have repurchase this one so many times now is a must in any makeup removing routine.


  1. May 24, 2016 / 12:56 am

    I’m also a big fan of the simple face wipes and garnier micellar water, although, I do find this product not to remove waterproof mascara, but otherwise classes my face well. Thanks for the post! 😊x
    – Caryl

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