May Non-beauty Favourites


I have never done a non-beauty favourites before, I have no idea why but I have a few non-beauty things I have been loving this month and I thought I would share them with you.

If you follow me on instagram you would have noticed I love the Blogosphere magazine.


It’s full of great tips and tricks especially  great for a beginner at blogging and plently of new blogs to follow. Also you get a small fact file at the top of each blogger who is in the issue stating what camera they use and how many followers and includes a post from them. I think this is great for begginers to get ideas on were to go with your blog. It includes great tips on social media and how to promote your blog too. Over all I believe a must for every type of blogger as it includes beauty, travel, food and photography.


These shoe have never been off my feet, the Adidas Original Superstars. They go with most outfits and are seriously comfortable to wear. The only thing is I need to clean them every singal time I wear them because I want them to stay super white! but we all know one day they will be grey cause I wear them so much. These are perfect for summer as they go great with most colours and outfits like shorts or even dresses.


Another fashion item is these light pink round sunglasses from NewLook. I have been living in these for the past few days because of the oddly beautiful weather in Scotland at the moment. I love the blush pink trend and find myself buying every item that colour. they are comfortable to wear and suit my face shape.


Urban Fruit strawberry are my absolute addiction! not joking. They are dried strawberries that taste so sweet and like sweets, in fact I prefer them over sweets (thats saying something coming from me). I guess because its fruit you can afford to be addicted to them ūüėČAlso the raspberry one is amazing too I don’t have them because I ate them yesterday, what did I tell you tooooo good.

DSCN3900 (2)

Coconut oil has been my go to skincare and hair care product, but recently I started cooking with it and I have to say I really like it. At first I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to use it for cooking because I thought it would have a strong coconut taste. It doesn’t just a slight bit in the back ground but doesn’t take away from the food. I especially like it with stir frys and I think i’m going to try baking with it.

DSCN3901DSCN3902 (2)

If you follow me on instagram you may have also noticed I like my little plants. But they are fake cause let’s be honest I always forget to water them. I got the one with the coper pot from NewLook and it fits nicely in my bedroom with other copper decor. The little white one is from a bargain store. Both really nice for decoration and bringing a bit of life to your room and cause there fake you don’t have to worry about them.


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