Milk Makeup First Impression


I can’t even express how excited I was when I heard Milk Makeup was coming to the UK. I love natural makeup like Glossier, Milk Makeup is kinda in the same category of makeup that in-braces what you have and has new and interesting products. I got the Luminous Blur stick and also the Bronzer stick in Baked.


The packaging is minimal and aesthetically pleasing, but also the stick application is very convenient. It also makes life so much easier when travelling especially because the products blend amazingly using your fingers.


The luminous Blur Stick has been on my list to try since it came out. I have oily skin, but I want my Skin to look matte. That’s why instead of going for the original Blur Stick I went for the luminous one, so I could still control my oily skin and even have a healthy glow. I love this, a little oil still peeks through on my forehead and nose at the end of the day, but my makeup stays in place. My pores aren’t visible, and I have a glow. I would say people with dry skin will love this, but if you have oily skin you can definitely use it too, but you will have some oil at the end of the end.


If you buy one thing from Milk Makeup, make it the Matte Bronzer Stick. I have religiously used this every single day for 2 weeks now. It blends seamlessly into the skin with little effort, the shade isn’t too warm-toned, so it looks natural. I love this for warming up my face and slightly contouring at the same time. Super easy to use and blends easily with your fingers. Definitely can’t wait to try more!


Kirstin xxx


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