Mineral magic review

I got this on Monday and I thought why not try it!

You get the powder, a small brush and a round makeup sponge.

When I opened this and saw the powder all I could think was how are these spots of colour going to cover my redness?

The brush was ok but some of the hairs fell out. The sponge isn’t that good at applying it. So I used my real techniques expert face brush to buff it into the skin.

This is after 3 times going over the same area, it even out the skin tone.it has a light coverage. I would recommend this to people with any skin type if you have dry skin definitely moisturise skin first. If you have acne this might not cover all redness but if you only have a few blemishes this would work great. Over all good for everyday light coverage.
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  1. April 15, 2015 / 9:50 pm

    Always seen these in my local drugstore but never picked one up for the simple fact that I had not seen much reviews on it. Love your post! Would love it if you looked at my latest blog I posted today xx

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