Mini haul!


I went shopping and got a few hair things and face masks so here’s what I got! 

First I got 2 face masks and I hair mask, the manuka honey peel off mask is amazing at getting rid of dead skin and excess oils. I get this one every couple of weeks it is stronge and smells very strong as well, it’s not a bad smell it smells of honey. This takes about 30-35 mins for you to be able to peel the mask if you use all the packet. 

Then I got a banana and honey masque this is great for people with acne it contains oats,honey and banana. You could make this mask but if you don’t have time this is a great alternative. It smell of honey and bananas 😋 I put this on from 20 mins to 30 mins depending on how much time I have. I notice a difference when I use this my acne isn’t as red and my skin is soft after using it. 

I got the coconut protein rescue mask, I usually just use organic coconut oil on my hair but I saw this and thought I would try it. 

I ran out of Argan oil for my hair so I was looking for a new one when I saw this Andrew Barton repairing leave in conditioner, it smells like caramel or fudge and leaves your hair silky and soft, I have used this with dry and wet hair and both do the same thing. 

Lastly I got tresemmé perfectly un done foam, it’s basically a sea salt spry in the form of foam. I have used this with damp hair and I didn’t feel it made my hair have more waves but find make my hair soft. When I used it on dry hair it done the same as sea salt spry but didn’t give me more waves. My hair is already wavy but this made it more messy and un done.

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