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I have a small collection of highend lipsticks, I olny have a small collection as i try to get shades that i’m garenteed to wear. most of my collection consists of Mac lipsticks.

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The first Mac lipstick I every bought was Angle, it has a frost finish but it doens’t look like the rest of the frost lipsticks. It has more of a satin finish with a little bit of glitter.It’s the perfect girly soft pink with blue under tones so it will make your teeth look whiter too. Lasts a long time on the lips and of course for being a Mac lipstick it has that amzing sweet vanilla scent.

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My favourite lipstick I go with on a daily basis is Patisserie, it’s a lustre finish and it is a sheer neutral pink on the lips and looks natural. It has a bit of sparkel in it too, this is one of my favs for everyday and so easy to just top up without looking. It lasts okay on the lips because it is sheerer on the lips you have to reapple it more offten.

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I love the Kylie Jenner 90s lip but Velvet Teddy looked too dark and not an easy shade, that I could wear. I found Yash it’s basically a lighter Velvet Teddy(a deep neutral) and for me much easier to wear  for an everyday makeup look. It has a matte finish but isn’t too drying on the lips and of course lasts a long time because it’s matte. Also has that Mac lipsticks the wonderful vanilla sweet smell.

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Last is Urban Decay Gwen Stefani collection lipstick in ex-grilfriend, this is one pretty similar to Patisserie but with no glitter and has a satin finish. it is a mauve/pink shade and a great ‘your lips but better’ shade that I basically wear this every day as it goes with every look.Not to mention the stunning packageing. Also has a nice touch with the Urban Decay logo on the lipstick its self.

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