Mini Mac review 


I went to Mac on Saturday to pick up a few things that  I have been meaning to try for a while. I got the fix + and wood winked eyeshadow. 


I finally got fix + (yeah! 😊) everytime I go into Mac I always say I’m going to get it but I never do. This time I did and I realised its more useful than I thought.


 You can use Mac’s fix + for making your makeup look less cakey or help to blend in foundation. One of the ways I have been loving is to use it with glittery eyeshadows or pigments to make them standout and look a lot more pigmented. 

It has a really nice mist when you spray it and won’t waste your makeup, it feels refreshing and would be amazing for a hot summers day. It makes the makeup look skin like and slightly dewy and fresh It has a locking mechanism which is perfect for travel. I also use this after my moisturiser to add in an extra boost of moisture(if you have very oily skin skip this step). 

I also got woodwinked eyeshadow

I got it in a little container as this is my perfect colour for travel. I just wanted a little container incase I wanted just to take one shadow to top up during the day  (I don’t know it just looked cute!) woodwinked is my kind of colour it’s a warm toned brassy gold with a metallic shine It’s a really beautiful shadow and is a velvet pearl finish. 

Very pigmented and great for making blue eyes standout (but would look gorgeous on any eye colour) 

If you are hesitant on buying Mac’s fix +, buy it! It has lots of uses and once you use it you’ll always want to as your makeup will look amazing. Woodwinked is a beautiful brassy gold, anyone who loves gold shadows will love this. 

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