Mistakes To Avoid This A/W 


This change of season calls for a change in skincare, makeup. We are wanting dark berry lips and try to keep our skin from going dry and hopefully keep it glowing throughout the winter. But there are a few A/W mishaps you can can avoid with some of my tips. 

Dark lipstick rehab! 

As soon as Fall comes I go straight to my lipstick drawer and pick out my favourite dark berry lipsticks, but when it comes to using dark lip products there are a few things you can do to stop the disasters that come with wearing one. First is to exfoliate your lips, its winter and my lips are dry so exfoliating your lips will give the lipstick or liquid lipstick a smooth canvas to glide on to, my favourite lip scrubs are definitely from lush (they taste so yummy too!) stopping the horrible dry cracked lips. Also after you exfoliate your lips make sure always to use a hydrating lip balm. Use a lip liner, this will stop your lipstick from bleeding which is always a turn off when wearing dark lips, it doesn’t have to match the colour of the lipstick as long as it matches your lip colour as it stops the bleeding and will make your lipstick last longer. 

Dry skin  

I used to suffer from dry skin in the winter, but to avoid this exfoliate that dry skin away! Only 1-2 times a week of exfoliating will make a huge difference in your skin making it glow. But don’t over exfoliate or scrub too hard asthis will make your skin sore. Also I really love using the Pixi Glow Tonic instead of using a scrub. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise  always make sure your skin is hydrated. At night use a good heavy night cream to help the skin repair and look replenished in the morning. I love coconut oil, I use this instead of a moisturiser at night and it has worked wonders for my skin. 

No Sunscreen! 

I know what you’re thinking, sunscreen in winter you’re lucky if we see the sun! It is really important to wear sun protection everyday even in the snow. Our skin comes into contact with UV rays even on a cloudy day, causing wrinkles and damaging the skin. I really like using the Clinique Super City Block SPF40, I have used this for a couple of years now. It has a sheer tint so you won’t look as pale as a ghost when wearing it. 

Heat damaged hair 

In the summer we tend to let our hair air dry in the heat and sunshine, but in the winter we go straight to the hair dryer and heat tools. It’s freezing out side so we don’t want shivers down our spine from our wet hair. So always use heat protectant when blow drying or straightening or curling your hair. Use hair masks to give your hair that boost of hydration that might be lacking because of the extra styling. Coconut oil is an amazing hair mask, it stops the frizz and makes your hair look super glossy! 

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