Moisture sparkle cream!


Long time no see! It’s fair to say I have had some technical difficulties the past week, now I’m back and with a review on the Elizavecca Milky Piggy Moisture Sparkle Cream. 

I have heard a lot about the brand Elizavecca Milky Piggy but more for there face masks than face creams. I saw this in TKmaxx and let’s be honest because of the packaging I had to get it. It looks so pretty and cute! Not only that but this is meant to brighten your face and tighten up wrinkles (I don’t really have wrinkles but still sounds cool). 

When you first open the little container it comes in you get an extra plastic lid, that I believe is to keep the cream fresh. You also get a plastic spatula, as it is in a tub there is more chance for bacteria to grow. But I guess using this spatula will minimise that.i personally kept the extra lid as I think it will keep it fresher and cleaner for longer. 

Then when you take the extra lid off you get this thick light textured cream, you can see the iridescent pink shimmer in the cream, but is super fine (less than Mac strobe cream).it has an unusual smell, but it’s not a bad one and not strong too. A little goes a serious long way with this cream half a spatula done my whole face, neck and there was some left for the back of my hands. So you won’t need to buy this often. It does contain amazing ingredients for your skin which includes glycerin, jojoba oil and olive oil. I have oily skin and find under makeup it wears all day long and makes you foundation look so much like skin it’s unreal. But if you have very oily skin wear a mattifying primer in the areas of your face you tend to go oily. At the end of the day my makeup looks glowy and natural. 

As you can see the cream smooths out your skin tone and does give a brightening effect. I really felt my skin looked healthy and glowing. I just wore this a few times by its self and got complements on how healthy my skin looked. I would compare this to Lush feeling younger skin tint and Mac strobe cream, but I do think it’s totally worth getting this fab cream to try.

Over all I absolutely love this cream and would recommend to normal, oily (wear a mattifying primer) and especially dry skin. I wear this during the day in place of a moisturiser. 


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