Most Used Makeup Brushes


These makeup brushes are my go-to, must have brushes that I use everyday. These are also the brushes I’m taking on holiday with me this year. I’ll start with face brushes.

DSCN3994 (2)

(from left to right)

The first brush is the Real Techniques duo-fiber face brush, I love this brush for face powder, blush, bronzer anything powder really. I love this brush for setting my under eyes and also for dusting a light layer of powder to set my foundation, I use this brush that often I have two! The next brush along is the Real Techniques contour brush, I don’t use this brush for contour I use it for powder highlight. It’s the perfect shape and size and is also perfect for contour or blush, it has tapered bristles and they are very soft. The next one along is the Look Better Feel Good powder brush, this brush is really big, soft and fluffy and for me perfect for bronzer. The next one is the Real Techniques sculpting face brush which I like to use for foundation, the shape makes it perfect for getting the foundation blended into areas like your nose. Bristles are tightly packed but soft. The last face brush is the Real Techniques blush brush which I like to use for blush, it fits right on my cheek bone and has super soft and fexible bristles which also makes it perfect for bronzer or even face powder.


(From left to right )

Now for eye brushes I honestly only ever use three, first is the Look Good Feel Better detail brush, this is perfect for the inner corner highlight or for the outer-V to add depth. It has very soft bristles but firm and holds its shape. The next one is the Look Good Feel Better tapered blending brush which is my favourite blending brush, it’s super soft and doesn’t irritate the eyes when blending and blends eyeshadows beautifully. The last brush is the Real Techniques base shadow brush, I think everyone should have this brush it’s small but fluffy and can pack on product and blend. This is my must eyeshadow brush because you can do any look with it. 


  1. July 8, 2016 / 6:34 pm

    Great picks! Love real techniques.
    xo Anne

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