Must-have Eyeshadow Combo


Hi, I wanted to share my favourite eyeshadow combo at the moment, The Urban Decay Naked Petite Heat and Mac Melon pigment. I just got the Urban Decay Petite Heat and I have to say I’m in love with it. If you love warm-toned makeup you will love this palette, you can effortlessly create a warm-toned daytime look and turn it into an evening look and is the perfect size for travel, I’m definitely taking this palette on holiday with me. The shades are all buttery and easy to blend (an in-depth review is on its way!) Now, because there is no real sparkly shade and I love a bit of sparkle I have been using the Mac Melon pigment along with this palette. Mac’s Melon pigment is a golden peach shade with lots of sparkles! During the day if I want some glitter I will apply the pigment with a dry brush, and for an evening look, I apply the pigment with a wet brush. This creates the most beautiful foil effect and really amps up any look. I have even been using this pigment as a blush/highlight to tie the whole look together.

Kirstin xxx


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