My favourite nail polishes 


I paint my nail all the time, but for some reason I don’t really blog about it😔 but here are my top nail polishes of 2015 that I used pretty much the whole year round. 

First is the Barry m gelly hi-shine nail paint 

These are so bright and last ages! When dried they are super shiny, I don’t use a top coat with these as they last on there own. If you add a top coat they will last for a least a week with chipping. The orange polish is call papaya and the blue is damson.

I have a few superdry nail polishes, they dry fast and have bold colours, you need a top coat with these as they tend to chip. Green is called jade and purple/plum is called Tom plum. 

I love China glaze there nail polishes are just amazing and dry so fast. This one is called 1123 fast track I love to use this on top of a bold colour to add a bit of sparkle. If you want to ever it by itself you will need to apply 3-4 coats as it is sheer. 

Claire’s nail polish are great too, I love he silver one (it has no name)  as it is the most pigmented silver polish I have found, only one coat is needed! And the top coat is called ditsy super cute and looks great with white nail polish. 

Sally Hansen is also a great brand for nail polish, they have a great range of colours and dry reality quick as well. You need to wear a top coat as they tend to chip without one. This one is called 230 nude now and it’s my favourite everyday/work nail polish that looks natural. 

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  1. January 27, 2016 / 8:15 pm

    Are the Barry M nailpolishes that good?! I’ve been trying to find nail polishes that don’t chip 🙁

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