My favourite spring/summer nail polishes

These are my favourite nail polishes to wear in the summer.

From left to right: Claire’s base coat and ridge filler, I like this because it makes the colours bold and makes nail polish last. Claire’s liquid metals in rose gold, this is a new one but I can already tell that this will be my go to polish, Sally Hansen nude now, this is my favourite nude colour of all time! Cherimoya in pearl fuchsia, a really pretty rose gold shade, beauty UK in smokey lilac, I love this colour a beautiful grey/lilac colour, last is Claire’s nail polish in sugar drop, this is more of a top coat but it’s still looks amazing on its own.

Pinky is pearl fuchsia, ring finger is smokey lilac, middle finger is liquid metal in rose gold, index finger is Claire’s sugar drop, thumb is Sally Hansen nude now.
Comment and tell me what’s your favourite nail polish for summer.
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